Adoption Timeline 2013

Jan 1st: Sent in our application
Jan 8th: Application approved
Jan 28th: Find a new child on the waiting list, asked for info

Feb 1st: Send in letter of interest for the child
Feb 6th: Preliminarily matched to "our" future child!
Feb 9th: First home-study meeting
Feb 15th: Second home-study meeting

Mar 16th: Third home-study meeting
Mar 25th: Fourth home-study meeting

May 9th: Home-study approved
May 10th: Begin dossier prep
May 13th: I800A sent in to Immigration

June 28th: Dossier completed and sent off to Global office for approval

July 15th: I800A approval arrives, Dossier sent to Albania same day
July 25th: AAC (Albanian Adoption Committee) met and approved our dossier
July 31st: Received official referral from Albania

August 2nd: Last 3 required documents appostilled and sent to Global
August 6th: I800 sent overnight to Immigration
August 21st: Received provisional approval for I800
August 29th: US Consulate in Albania contacts us about our Article 5

Sept 16th: Received confirmation of court date
Sept 22nd: Traveled to Albania
Sept 23rd: Arrived in Albania
Sept 24th: Met our son for the first time!

Oct 10th: First court hearing
Oct 22nd: Second court hearing
Oct 23rd: Third court hearing, adoption finalized and approved

Next Steps:
- Awaiting adoption decree (expected date: Nov 7th.)
- Paperwork for transfer of child's custody from current guardian (orphanage) to us
- New birth certificate
- Apply for passport
- Apply for visa
- Travel back to the US as a family of 3!!

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