Sunday, April 2, 2017

Adoption v2.0

Adoption v2.0!?!? What!? Yup, we are adopting once again. Since the year began we have been praying about which route to take for our next adoption. Adoption has always been a calling of ours as a couple, however, should we do Domestic-Infant Adoption, how about Foster Care Adoption, or should we go with International Adoption once again. We have been asking God to reveal Himself in our lives and guide us in such an important decision that will impact our family. It is not just JR and I who will go through this journey, now there's three of us, Josh will also experience the ups and downs of the journey.

We didn't feel called to adopt a newborn through Domestic Infant Adoption so we thought this time we would go with Foster Care due to the high costs related with International adoptions. We signed up for training and spent 6 hours sitting in a classroom. We already had our doubts and sitting through this training helped us realize this was not the way to go. There were going to be many challenges, some we did not feel would be beneficial for Josh to experience. We left this training questioning what we should do. Should we put our family through the many uncertainties of the US Foster Care System, should we just not adopt at all, or should we return to our son's country and adopt a child that came from a similar background so that they may both share a heritage.

On our way home from the training, JR and I looked at each other and without saying a word we knew what the other was thinking. When we picked Josh out of a "Waiting Child" list we had no idea where he was from, only that he was a handsome little boy and we wanted to be his parents. It wasn't until we received his file that we learned his country of origin. This precious child born in Albania had stolen our hearts. We had a long journey ahead of us, one that was full of excitement as we would become first-time parents. Many of you were able to follow our adoption journey through this blog three years ago (I can't believe it's been that long since our boy has been home). Somehow this tiny country that only sees an average of 10 or less international adoptions a year was the country the Lord had chosen for us.

As we contemplated the idea of returning to Albania once again, it was the one thing that made complete sense to us as a family. During our time there we experienced their culture and their amazing hospitality. We loved this child so much and were so grateful for the country that had welcomed us and made us feel at home. We spent almost two full months living in Albania, an experience like no other. We learned some of their language and their customs. We met some wonderful missionaries during our time there. Friendships I will treasure for a lifetime. These are just some of the many memories we build during our time there. As JR and I discussed all of this we knew that's were our hearts were. God was once again leading us back to this beautiful country.

So what now.. well, we will be submitting our initial application in the coming weeks. That'll get the ball rolling to all that is to come. As many of you remember it is quite the road. We will be required to do a home-study or at least renew and update our home-study from 3 years ago. What happens after this will all be in God's hands, will a child come up on the "Waiting Child" list or will we be placed on a waiting list to be matched. Only time will tell.

Below are a few recent pictures of Josh, can you believe he's 6 already!?

My little soccer player                                                                                   Homeschooling

Josh enjoys gymnastics

Christmas time at our church

He loves to learn!

On a recent trip to see family.

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  1. Both of my children were adopted domestically. I was a foster parent in between, but never chose to go the route of trying to adopt through fostering. It is a formula for heartache. Have you considered putting in for adoption locally? I would not recommend open adoption. They will be able to find their biological parents most likely when they are old enough. Both of mine have. I guess I am not sure what other options are out there now, besides international.