Sunday, November 17, 2013

We're Coming Home!!

Remember my previous post about returning to the States?? Well, it's finally happening!! We get in Tuesday at 11:30pm EST.

This was our checklist last time I updated you guys on the matter:

*1-4 all happened on Friday!! What a crazy day.. and to add to the day, we also had Joshua's goodbye party on Friday for the nuns and workers.

1) We must wait the 15 day period following our last court hearing to obtain an official court decree, which will hopefully be ready Nov. 7th.  It was not ready till the following day, Friday Nov. 8th.. but we got it!

2) After obtaining the court decree we must go get his new birth certificate. We went to get his new birth certificate that same day, Nov. 8th, it only took 15 minutes!

3) With the birth certificate and decree we can apply for the passport (passport will take 2-3 days to process). We applied for the passport that same Friday but the Chief of Police (who must sign off on the passport application and verify his birth certificate) was out to a crime scene.. man of many hats apparently. So we ended up having to go back to the police station on Monday under the rain for him to sign off on it and then go take Joshua's picture at the passport office. It takes a total of 4 different offices to get your Albanian passport.. 1) Office at police station where you apply, 2) Different office, also at police station for the Chief of Police to verify your stuff and sign off on it, 3) Passport picture office, different location.. not at police station, 4) Another office at the police station where you pick up your passport a few days later.

4) Once we have the court decree we can go to the notary with the nuns and do a transfer of custody. The nuns were awesome, they did the custody transfer the same day (Nov. 8th), thank God! We became 24hr parents this day :)

5) Wait for passport to be issued. Passport was issued Wednesday Nov. 13

6) Once we have the passport we can make an appt with the US Embassy for his Visa (Visa will take another 2-3 days to process)we also must take him for the required vaccines and blood draw. We were scheduled for the Visa appt right away and went to the Embassy on Thursday. We also went to the doctor's appt for him and got everything turned in next day. Usually the embassy takes 2-3 business days.. we got his visa next day, Friday Nov. 15!

We called our travel agent right away to see if there was any way to get on a plane the very next day, Saturday. That way we would've been able to get there on a weekend and allowed Jr to return to work on Monday but the fees were ridiculous.. not only did we have to pay the fee per person but we had to also upgrade to first class because that's all that was available.. anyway.. it was unrealistic, we would've paid around 2k. So we sit here patiently waiting for Tuesday to arrive and we finally get to come home!!


At the notary doing the transfer of custody!




Goodbye Party at the orphanage.

Not sure what he was looking at.. lol

Look Fi, it's Timmy's plane!! Thanks again for letting us borrow it, Timmy :)



One of the workers at the orphanage (his favorite one) bought a little white tux for him and dressed him up for the party. The nuns and workers love him so much, I know they will miss him.

The workers having fun putting cake all over his face.. which eventually got on the white tux as well.. 

He was pretty hyped up on sugar after this.. lol


  After-Party at our favorite restaurant: Attika Greek Tavern

We will miss you guys!!



  2. All the best. You all look great. Glad to see the plane featuring!

  3. que bello esta ese muchachitoooo