Saturday, October 12, 2013

Week 3 in Pictures

Our week through pictures

We have become quite acquainted with Orti Mall.. it's getting old.
But our boy loves it.. as you can see, he's a little monkey! haha
PS. after the the 22nd (our 2nd court date) I'll post pics which actually show his face.. at last!! :)

And he loves to dunk "topi" (Albanian for ball)

some more carnival rides..

We went to TEG, biggest mall in all Albania




Views from the SkyTower in Tirana
Had coffee with our new missionary friend Cydil and her family, you can check out their blog here!


JR had one yummy ice cream while enjoying the view.

Walking the streets of Tirana we came across this restaurant! Next time we take a day trip to Tirana we are definitely gonna stop by and look at their menu.. this day we were in a hurry to go catch a furgon so we were unable to check it out. If I find Cuban food in Albania.. omg.. haha


While walking the streets of Tirana we also came across "Albanian Fried Chicken" 
a replica of Kentucky Fried Chicken.. We're talking menu options, letter fonts used, restaurant style.. 
you name it. I guess they don't believe in Copyright Infringement lol

House where the old Communist ruler used to live, now hosts an Albanian (Shqipe) Language School several times a week where Cydil and her family will be attending to learn the language and better minister/serve the people of Albania

Back in Elbasan
Every morning a heard of turkeys crosses the street right in front of our hotel to go feed on grass nearby.. their owner fattens them up and gets them ready to be sold as food for New Year's celebration. There's no Thanksgiving here (that's only back in the US because of the pilgrims), and they don't really do Christmas either (since it is considered for the most part to be a Muslim nation.. even though the majority just say that because of their ancestors). But anyway, their big celebration is New Year's.. so they eat turkey on this day.
PS. there's about 15 turkeys total but some ran off and are not pictured lol 

 Below are pictures of some of the children at the orphanage. We are gonna miss these kiddos when we leave.. they are starving for someone to love them. I just wanna take them all. When we arrive at the orphanage each morning some will run to us screaming "Mami!! Babi!!".. it breaks my heart every time. We were told to say we are "so-and-so's Mami and Babi" so that they won't feel abandoned once we travel back to the US. Some of the older ones have even asked the nuns when they will have a Mami & Babi come for them.

This blog follows our journey through international adoption but it also serves the purpose of advocating for those whom cannot speak for themselves.. these children need families.. a mom and a dad, someone to love them and care for them.. all they want is a family. I pray that as you read this blog, whom ever you may be, that this may touch your heart. Adoption is a beautiful thing. Many people are sometimes shied away from adoption because of horrible stories so and so told them about someone they once knew.. I will tell you from personal experience.. these kids just need love, discipline and a stable environment. I will not sugar coat this post, I will tell you there are children with very strong personalities, but then again how many children do you know who have strong personalities and live with their biological parents. Kids are kids, they need guidance.

Ways you can help an orphaned child:
1) Adopt one!
2) Pray for them to find a family!
3) Support an orphan monetarily through an organization  




Hope you enjoyed this weeks "Update through Pictures"!
There will be a separate post about how our first court hearing went this past Thursday Oct 10th.

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