Friday, October 4, 2013

Rainy day Tuesday

Tuesday was a boring day here in Elbasan. It rained early in the morning but we were able to make it to the orphanage without any issues. Once we got there our boy was so excited to see us. He quickly grabbed his backpack and said his goodbyes. We left the orphanage as usual and headed to the park since it looked like the day was picking up. On our way there we spotted two Sisters (nuns) heading back to the orphanage. They had gone out for groceries and were on their way back. For those of you who might not know, our boy has been at a Catholic Institution since he was just 5 days old. This is why I keep mentioning Sisters, Catholic Church and the likes. They take such good care of the children there. We are blessed to have met them, I will post more about that later (we have become friends with all the nuns there).

Anyway, when our boy saw the Sisters everything changed.. his happy self suddenly became saddened that he was leaving the Sisters behind. He began to cry and wanted to return to the orphanage. We took him back and stayed at the orphanage all morning. He played with some toys and had lunch there. Then it was nap time and so we left to go have lunch.

Afterwards, we headed to the hotel and then met up with Julie and Fiona (missionaries here in Elbasan). We have met so many missionaries here.. it's so encouraging to meet people who are so on fire for Christ that they are willing to leave the comforts of their homeland to come to this poor nation to bring the Gospel.

We were having issues with the water heater in the hotel room we were in but Julie so kindly translated for us and we were able to move rooms. A few minutes later Fiona arrived and we all hopped in her car and headed to the orphanage. Fiona so kindly drove us around this day.. I'm telling you, we couldn't be more blessed! When we got there, Mother Superior told us to take our boy out. I immediately grabbed all his stuff and we were on our merry way to "Orti Mall" with Fiona and Julie. They have an indoor playground there for the kids.. it's pretty cool and our boy loves it! He has gone back twice since.

Then it was time to head back just in time for dinner with all the other children in his age group. He became so upset that we had brought him back he decided to through a little temper tantrum and not eat.. so we went and played with some of the other children who had already finished eating and were in the play room. It was soon time to say our goodbyes and head back to the hotel.


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