Monday, October 21, 2013

Our lives in Elbasan - Week 4

It's so hard to make these posts and not be able to post pictures of our little one. The most I can post is pictures of him facing away from the camera.. however, Lord willing tomorrow will be our final court hearing and the judge will approve our adoption. Once that happens then our boy will finally be ours and we’ll be allowed to post pics. In the meantime, here are some pictures we took this past week.

Elbasan at night 


Hanging out with our new missionary friends
Pictured Left-Right: Fiona, Myself, Kerri, Julie


This past Tuesday we spent the day with the Waggoner family. They have two beautiful children, Ellie and Reni. Reni was adopted from the same orphanage as our boy a few years ago so they decided to go for a visit to his old home. The nuns and the workers loved him so much.. they were so excited to see how much he had grown since he left.

The kids had so much fun with Nathan (Cydil’s husband), he was giving them piggy back rides. 


Afterwards, we all went to have lunch at a little Greek restaurant called Attika.. the most delicious food in town!


After Attika, we headed to Real Scampis. A restaurant/café inside the old castle walls. Beautiful scenery and quiet atmosphere.. perfect for relaxing and taking nice pictures.. some of which are of our boy and I’ll hopefully be posting in a few hours.

Then we headed to the playground. Here’s a funny story.. one of the best playgrounds in town (the one we went to) is located at a Funeral Home. It’s the creepiest thing. The Funeral Home is a building with 3 floors, 1st floor is a café I guess for those who go to the wake and need a little pick me up. 2nd and 3rd floors are viewing rooms and outside is the playground for the children to be entertained in the meantime apparently. They do have a really nice playground and the children really enjoyed it.

Our little "majmun" (Albanian for monkey.. lol)

I have so many more pictures I can add to this post but they all show our boy's face.. soon guys.. soon I'll introduce our little man.

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