Monday, October 28, 2013

Ohrid, Macedonia

This past Saturday we took a day trip to Ohrid, Macedonia with Fiona and one of her boys. It was about a 1 & 1/2 hour trip through the mountains of Albania and then another 20 minutes through Macedonia. These mountains make me a little queezy when riding in furgons but Fiona was a great driver and I didn't feel sick at all. The drive was a pleasant one, with beautiful scenery and amazing mountain peaks.

Once we arrived in Ohrid we sat down by the lake (Lake Ohrid) and had some hot chocolate.. not the kind they have in the States (at least that's not what we call them back home) these are more like hot pure cocoa pudding, just amazing!) Afterwards we walked a little bit through town and headed to the castle walls where we could see the entire city from up there. The views were breath taking! Oh I so wish we could've stayed a few days, but I'm sure our boy would not have been too happy with us if we left him for more than a day. As it is, when we got back and saw him on Sunday he was asking us where we had gone and why we had not come to see him Saturday.. poor baby, I wish we could've taken him with us but he cannot leave Elbasan for another few days.. just a few more days and he will be able to go anywhere we go, woohoo!!

Crossing the border into Macedonia.. they ran out of ink apparently because you can barely see the stamps on our passports..argh!


It's a good thing they have signs in English because otherwise I would not understand their Greek style letters.

All bundled up.. only to take sweaters off half an hour later.

Fiona and her son Joshua

Macedonian Denars

Having some (Albanian) hot chocolate by the lake

Walking the streets of Macedonia

Yugo..the most popular car in Macedonia



St. Clement Church

Entering the castle walls





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