Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Monday.. flying solo!

Monday was the first day we were allowed to keep our boy the entire day. It was awesome! We were originally told he would not be allowed to stay with us all day until after our first court date, however because he has bonded so well with us "Mother Superior" (it's a Catholic orphanage) told us to keep him all day.. believe me she didn't have to insist!

We arrived at the orphanage at 9am and our boy was so excited to see us. He quickly ran and got his "çantë" (Albanian for bag), said his good byes to all the kids, workers and nuns and he was ready to go. It rained all day Monday so we brought him back to our hotel and he played and sang and found a suitcase full of stuff for him.. which he loved! He found a cap, shirts, pants and the likes.. he tried everything on! It was so funny though, everytime he would try on a new outfit he needed to go show it off to Babi. At one point JR went to get us lunch and he would not try anything on until Babi would return.. it's incredible how much he has attached to us in the one week we have been here.

Anyway, as he was trying stuff on we couldn't believe our eyes.. he is about to turn 3 yet he is still wearing size 18m and 24m. He's so tiny! Children who are institutionalized are usually smaller than average kids their age.. we knew this fact, we just never really thought it would be the case with our boy. But that's ok, once we get back to the States we'll feed him some good ol' Cuban "Bistec y arroz con frijoles!" (Steak, rice and beans). That should do the trick! Haha

After lunch was nap time. For 5 minutes straight he cried and cried and begged to play with our phone.. we told him "jo" (Albanian for no) and we were firm on that. Eventually he got tired of asking for "telefoni" (Albanian for phone) and knocked out right next to me. It was suddenly so peaceful in our hotel room. Our little angel had just fallen asleep on our bed for the first time. I wanted to take pictures so bad but every time I attempted to escape his side he would start waking up. So we ended up taking a 3 hour nap. No cuddles from him this day though.

Later on in the day we took him back to the orphanage and he played with all the kids, ate and then went to bed around 7ish.


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