Sunday, October 6, 2013

Catching Up Through Pictures

Pictures of what this past week looked like for us.

Our boy asleep in the Ergo

Coffee with new friends Julie and Kerri

 Lunch at Real Scampis

 Took our boy to the playground at Orti Mall (not a real Mall.. by US standards lol)


Inauguration of a new Catholic Church in a Village

This church was built in 4 days by Catholic Missionary Construction workers who come once a year to Albania from Ireland and build churches in Villages that would otherwise not have any.

Inauguration Mass of the new church in a Village near Elbasan. We were invited with our little boy to be part of this special day for them.

Surrounding Villages

After Party.. Albanian style
The best Catholic party ever.. I had no idea nuns could dance!
At one point people played musical chairs to the Harlem Shake!! I was like.. OMG!! JR was loosing it laughing, after that one finished they played again.. this time to some weird Spanish song that kept repeating "I'm a crazy girl!" Oh boy we were just laughing so hard because these poor people, they have no idea what they are singing along to! But it was so much fun. They are such nice humble people (at least the ones that live in the Village).

 Traditional Albanian Dancing

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take part of their culture.. so you bet I joined in the dancing!

I look ridiculous.. I had no idea what I was doing but it was so much fun I honestly didn't care!

We love the nuns.. they have been so awesome with us! They "mir√ęsevini" (Albanian for welcome) us with a smile on their faces every morning. Some of them are not pictured because they were not present.. we didn't all fit into their little bus so they had to stay with the rest of the children back at the orphanage.

This first one is so cute.. she wanted a picture with each one of us.


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