Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Milestones

Saturday was another beautiful day in Albania. We picked up our son at 9:00 AM as usual and headed to the park for more carnival rides. He loves riding the flying BMW. We spent the morning with him at the park, afterwards we took him back to the orphanage around 12:30 PM for his lunch and afternoon nap. We met up with some friends for lunch (Kerri & Julie) and went back to their place to do laundry. They were nice enough to let us use their machine. At 3:00 we started our return back to the orphanage to pick up our little man. We went for a walk around the park and some ice cream. He loved it! On the way back around 5:30 he knocked out as usual in the ergo on my back. Once we arrived at the orphange, he woke up and ate dinner. They changed him into his pajamas and for the first time ever he cried when we left. It hurt to hear him cry, but it felt good to know that we are bonding and he is getting really attached. We got to the room and Liz was really exhausted so I went and got take out food for the both of us.

Sunday we got up a little earlier than usual because it was a special day. Its was the day we got to see our son in church. We joined the nuns and some of the children at the Catholic Church right besides the hotel we are staying at. He behaved so well, we were proud of him. Afterwards some people came up to hug him, kiss him, and say their goodbyes because they came to church this day specifically see him. It was very touching to see how many people love our little boy. We met his godfather who was very nice and from there we took him to the bumper cars. Later on, he had lunch with us and ate his first suflage! We took him back for his afternoon nap and returned at 3:30 pm for another walk around the park. He was so happy just to hang out with us, his smile gets me every time. He is so full of joy and happiness, it really makes me excited to hear him laugh. Once we brought him back for dinner, he ate and they changed him into his pajamas. We stayed with him till late this time taking pictures of all the children. Some of the children love having their pictures taken, some are really excited about the flash of the camera. We had our son pose with some of the other children just so he could have memories of his friends. And once again we hit another milestone. The previous day he cried for us when we left, this day he got jealous of the other children and started pushing them away when they tried to take pictures with Liz. It definitely was a weekend of milestones. We are just so happy with the way our little boy is connecting and bonding with us. It doesn't look like attachment will be an issue. On the way back to the hotel we stopped at the Express Food once again for take out, except this time we went to Kerri and Julie's house to eat, pick up our clothes, and apparently meet Clement, Fiona and the kids. No clue they were going to be there. Another surprise for me was that our clothes was folded and put away in bags. Julie was such an angel she did all the work for us, thanks Jewels.

First time posting,

Babi (Daddy) JR

 The Catholic Church our son attends on Sundays

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