Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Big Reveal

Here's the good news you've all been waiting for.. It's finally happening!! We have an official court date.. and we are getting on a plane this Sunday to go meet our son!! To say we are excited is an understatement.

This journey began January 1st, 2013.. we were originally matched with the Bulgaria program. Told it would be around a 2 year wait. We soon learned about the "Waiting Child List" and God began to tug at our hearts.. why sit around and wait 2 years for a child that may not even be born yet when there's kids already waiting for families to adopt them! We began praying and God quickly answered..

On January 28th a gorgeous little 2 year old boy came up on the Waiting Child list for our agency. We knew nothing about him, except his name, some brief details about him and a few videos.. long story short, we fell head over heals for this child. We then learned he was from Albania, a country we had not been matched up with originally. However, we were told it shouldn't be a problem since my oncologist had written a clearance letter to send off to them and ask for an exemption.

Fast-forward about 2 weeks, the little guy goes off the list.. we call in thinking another family probably inquired about him and had less obstacles than us and probably was granted permission to pursue his adoption. Well, here's what actually happened.. when we called, the person assigned to our case was in a meeting and the secretary said the case worker would call us back but she was pretty sure he was off because he already had a family. So, about 2 hours later we get a call from the case worker and she simply says "well he's off the list for you guys, no one called to tell you!?" [picture us jumping up and down from excitement]

Here's the crazy part.. we hadn't even began our home study! We met the social worker assigned to our case the next day.. she had already been informed we were interested in a specific child but for those of you that have gone through home studies before you know how bumpy the road can be.. in other words she would refer to him as "the child you may or may not adopt". It's heart-wrenching.

So, fast-forward some months down the road.. 4 home study sessions completed, tons of paperwork, immigration forms, passports, dossier, 30 hours of training, official referral, some more immigration stuff.. and finally a court date assigned!

Which bring us to our next step.. get on a plane and go meet our baby for the first time!!

I will begin blogging more frequently now since the ball is finally rolling haha
Stay tuned as the "real journey" begins this Sunday at 12pm.



  1. Sooo excited for you guys. Have been watching, waiting and praying and at last there is good news. Will continue to pray that all goes smoothly and for travelling mercies. God Bless.


  3. am super excited to meet you guys!