Sunday, September 29, 2013

Days 3-5 (Wednesday through Friday)

So it's been a very long week, hence why you guys haven't seen any updates.. We get up at 7am to begin our day with a nice long walk to the orphanage. We pick up our boy and go out to the park to play until about 12pm. After that we bring him back for lunch and nap and then leave to go have lunch. We return to the orphanage at around 3:30pm to pick him up once more and take him out.

Lots of things happened between Wednesday and Friday.

On Wednesday (our 2nd day with him) he did great in the morning but in the afternoon we felt rejection for the first time.. it was rough. He was upset at us because we only took him out in the morning and not the afternoon, so he decided he was going to test boundaries with us this day. We ended our day early because he was acting up and didn't want to listen to the nuns. They told us it would be better if we left and just returned the next day as usual. So we did..

On Thursday (our 3rd day with him) he was so happy to see us in the morning. He came running to us saying "Mami, Babi!!" It was great to see him happy again.. since Wednesday had been rough for us all. This day we took him out to ride on the bumper cars at the park, he also went on a little train and a carousel.. he loved it! In the afternoon we took him out once more and he enjoyed walking so much.. by this point he was already getting comfortable with us and usually falling asleep in the Ergo on our way back to the orphanage.

On Friday (our 4th day with him) we walked to the orphanage early in the morning as usual. When we arrived around 9am he was already waiting for us downstairs in the playground with one of the nuns.. dressed, backpack on, ready to go out. Our little man loves going out! We took him to the park where there are children's rides (like a mini fair.. but each ride is privately owned). He had so much fun he didn't want to return to the orphanage so he was mad at us while we were taking him back but knocked out in the Ergo once more and we delivered him to the nuns to put him in his crib with a bottle. We came back later during visiting hours and he was so happy to see us once more. He even told us "të dua Mami" "të dua Babi"! (Albanian for "I love you Mommy" "I love you Daddy")

  * our boy is not in this picture, I cannot post pics of him until after our court dates

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