Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 2: Tuesday

So we are back online! Woohoo!

Our second day here was Tuesday. We started our day off having breakfast at the Stephen Center with some of our agency's staff who live here. An American style breakfast in Albania, love it! After breakfast we were taken to the orphanage to meet our son for the first time.. on our way there some we spotted some nuns from his orphanage walking on the side of the road. Our driver offered them a ride and they surprisingly accepted (normally they wouldn't, but they really wanted to meet us). So we all went our merry way to the orphanage. The nuns told us how our boy for the past week would not leave the orphanage on any little field trips because "Mami and Babi were coming and he had to be there when we arrived"! Such a sweet child!! I had a knot on my throat and was holding in the tears just listening to them tell me about him.

First Encounter:

Our little boy is amazing.. we feel so blessed to call him our son. When we first got there he was waiting for us on the third floor of the orphanage where they have a play room with swings, slides, etc.. at first he was very shy, hiding behind things and smiling from afar. It didn't take long however for him to start warming up and going on the slide. About an hour and a half later he was already recognizing us as Mami and Babi (Albanian for Mommy and Daddy). The workers would ask him who each of us were and he always had the right answer! Such joy, honestly!

When lunch time came around he was so excited he was having trouble concentrating on eating so we helped him out and fed him. On a normal day the workers would just put a plate of food in front of him and he would feed himself without any help. But this day was special.. he had just been introduced to the people he kept hearing about for months.

After lunch we tucked him into his crib for an afternoon nap. Later on that day we were allowed to visit him again, this time we actually got to take him out for his passport photos. Poor baby, he was so confused as to why he was leaving the orphanage he even told one of the nuns "he was leaving to America" or as he would pronounce it "merica". He was so good though, no crying, no misbehavior, only a little shy and confused. Especially since he kept hearing English being spoken and had no idea what we were saying. After that, we took him back to the orphanage, he played, sang, gave us hugs and kisses, and spoke to us in Albanian (it was our first day with him, we understood nothing but it was the cutest thing!)

Then it was dinner time, this time around he kept calling for Mami to feed him.. such joy to hear your little boy call out for you, especially with the bonding process.. it made me feel special in his eyes that he would want me to feed him. (He's very independent so him calling out for help was very special to me.)

After dinner he was allowed to play some more with us in one of their play rooms. We had so much fun! But soon bed time came and it was time to say "mirupafshim" and "naten ë mire" (Good bye and Goodnight). He kissed and hugged us both and went to his crib without any complaints.

We then went for dinner, walked around town (it's what everyone does here) and then we headed back to the hotel to call it a day.

On our way to Elbasan

The new tunnel that was just built (saved us from having to take dangerous roads through the mountains)

Nuns from the orphanage

The orphanage

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