Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Awaiting travel dates

Well since my last post we have received out little boy's referral!! We are so close to traveling. Here is a little outline of what's been happening lately and what needs to happen before we can leave. We anticipate to be traveling Mid-September.

July 31st: Received official referral from Albania

August 2nd: Last 3 required documents appostilled and sent to Global
August 5th: Global sends above mentioned documents to Albania
August 6th: I800 sent overnight to Immigration

... Awaiting I800 approval and travel dates

So we can cross stuff off the list now, woohoo!!

What's left before we can travel?

  1. Wait for Albania to send official translated referral
  2. Send the translated referral to US Immigration
  3. Wait for US Immigration's I800 approval and send that to Albania
  4. Pay $11,250 for the country fees 
  5. Receive court date in Albania
  6. Get on a plane to go meet our son!!!

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