Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just An Ordinary Day.. NOT!

Today started off just like any ordinary day. Got up, had breakfast, did some chores around the house and went out for groceries. Here's where it did a total 360 on me.. So I'm leaving Whole Foods and I hear the sound on my phone indicating I have new emails, but I'm packing stuff into the car so I don't even bother to look at it just yet. I'm driving off and get to a red light, so I open up my email and what do I see!? "Dossier Approval".. and I'm thinking "oh ok, I guess Albania finally received it.. a week later after it was sent", but I log into my Adoption Portal just to make sure and read the whole thing. So I start reading.. and OMG I can not believe it! I was not expecting it at all.. the AAC (Albanian Adoption Committee) met today and has approved our dossier and will be sending out the official referral for our little boy in the next two weeks! Wow.. that was fast! JR and I are thrilled and cannot wait to get over there and meet him.

Thank you all whom have been praying for our adoption journey, we are getting closer! We ask now that you will pray for funding, we are appx 48% funded. We have applied to many Adoption Grants but have heard back from none and it's looking like we'll have to resort to personal loans.. which we were hoping not to do. We know God is in control, He has proven that to us time and time again and I know He will provide for this cause.
So what's left before we can travel?
  1. Wait for Albania to send official translated referral
  2. Send the translated referral to US Immigration
  3. Wait for US Immigration's I800 approval and send that to Albania
  4. Pay $11,250 for the country fees 
  5. Receive court date in Albania
  6. Get on a plane to go meet our son!!!

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  1. That is unbelievably FAST! Unheard of fast (for translation). Praying for favor to continue on your behalf!