Thursday, March 28, 2013

Update 3/28/13

Where has March gone!? Last time I had a date with my laptop was March 4th.. that should tell you how busy we have been.. Anyway, a lot has happened since the last time I wrote a post. So I will try to briefly tell you all about it. First off, WE ARE DONE WITH THE HOME STUDY!! Thank God! We had our 3rd meeting last week and our 4th meeting this past Monday. Now we just need to wait for our home study report to be written up and then we can proceed to the "dossier", which is a compiled list of financial statements, references, house pictures, background checks, you name it.. this process usually takes approx 3 months to complete since the majority of the documents most be a copy of the original signed by a Notary Public and then taken to the Secretary of State to get apostilled before we can send it on to Albania. But once we send it in we will officially be considered a "waiting family", which means we are waiting to get what's called the "official referral". Once we get that then we can travel to the country for the next step.. the court hearings (2)  in Albania.

As some of you may have noticed our fundraising thermometer on the right hand side of the page has been increasing over the past 3 months and we are so blessed by this. We have received both monetary donations and donations of items to sell at our garage sales. For all this we say "THANK YOU!". Thank you for helping us be able to afford the steep cost of adoption (this money is to cover only the services provided, we are not paying for a child as some would mistakenly believe). We also want to thank all those who have been helping us with our garage sales, thank you for giving up your Saturdays and for waking up early to come give us a hand.We are so grateful and we thank God for you all everyday. May God bless your lives and thank you for being so generous with us.

Below are pictures from our most recent garage sale. We are having another one this Saturday, can't wait!


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