Monday, March 4, 2013

Update 03/04/13

I haven't written a post in almost a month! Time has flown by. We have been so busy with all the paperwork, doctor appts that are required for international adoptions and going to the court to get our passport papers sent in.. it's been a hectic few weeks. Looking for birth certificates, having to order originals for our homestudy and approaching dossier (yes we're almost to the dossier part of the process, can't wait to send it in!). It's been a paper chase to say the least. Our case worker has been on maternity leave for the past two weeks, but we are expected to hear back from her next week to schedule our remaining two interviews. Two down, two to go! The next two shouldn't be too bad, we've already been through the more stressful part which was all the paperwork and then a home inspection (which we passed with flying colors!).

We can't wait to finish our home study, complete all the dossier requirements, send it in and get the official referral for our baby boy. He is gorgeous and perfect and we are so excited to meet him soon! I can only give minor details about him because he is not ours yet. So here's a little sneak peak: he's 2 yrs old, he's from Albania and he's super smart.

Stay tuned, we will be setting up his room in the next two weeks hopefully. So I'll be posting pics of the before and after soon.

Have a blessed week!

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